My First Blog Post

The Hairstylist Cricut Project

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I absolutely love my hairstylist and I know she has a great sense of humor. Since the holidays are right around the corner and I wanted to take a gift to her at my last hair appointment. My life is crazy and getting a haircut every 8 weeks can be a struggle. My amazing husband surprised me with a Cricut Maker a couple of weeks ago and this was an opportunity to use my brand new crafting toy! Voila……this is my creation! Can I say, so far I absolutely love Cricut Design Space (DS). The DS offers many options to design a project. My next goal is to learn to workout outside of DS and determine how to create my own designs but in the meanwhile, I am absolutely loving DS. The DS allows you to share your designs on either Facebook or Pinterest, so I have added the cup to Pinterest. Click on the Pinterest hyperlink below and let me know if this allows you to obtain the file to design the cup. Since I designed the cup within DS and it’s not considered a finish product, from my understanding of the Angel Policy, I can’t publish as a SVG. I have received a lot of comments regarding the design and I wanted to figure out how to share. Please comment below and let me know.