2020 Wine Goals – Colorado Wine Festivals

By no means do I proclaim myself as a wine connoisseur nor do I fit the definition of one.

1. A person with expert knowledge or training, especially in the fine arts. 2. A person of informed and discriminating taste: a connoisseur of fine wines

The definition of a wine connoisseur based on The Free Dictionary


When searching for a definition which would fit wine style, I believe the word would be Bon Vivant.

A person who enjoys a sociable lifestyle and good food and drink The Free Dictionary

The definition of a social wine drink, who loves good company and food which I believe best describes me is Bon Vivant

I am about the wine experience, socializing and eating good food! Especially cheese, crackers, and chocolate!

Goal #1 – More Wine Crafts

That’s right, more wine crafts! Wine charms, wine bottle upcycle, wine glass etching, etc.

Goal #2 More Wine Festivals

A few of my favorite Colorado Wine Festivals

  • Manitou Springs Colorado Wine Festival – Date set for June 6th, 2020
  • Craft Beer and Wine Festival – I haven’t seen a 2020 date set. Looking at past dates they tend to have their festival in September, recommend to check back on their website. I highly recommend the VIP tickets. The event proceeds go towards the Marc Jr Foundation (click here to learn about their mission)
  • The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey – Harvest Fest – Date set for the weekend of September 26th – Go early and find a spot on the lawn for some good music and bring a picnic, cheese, and enjoy the variety of Holy Cross Abbey wines you can taste or purchase.

Wine festivals on my 2020 list I would like to attend

Goal #3 Solve How to Drink More Wine and Maintain weight

Who are you kidding – Let’s move on!

My only advice is stick to Processco or low carb champagnes. I also reference the Keto Wine: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Low Carb Wines even though I am not Keto but for me it’s provides a comprehensive low carb wine guide.

Goal #4 Ship Two Friends Wine

I received my first shipment last month from a dear friend. It was exciting to see what came in and the selection they chose! A reminder, someone 21 years of age with an ID must be home to sign for the delivery. So plan accordingly with your friend or have the package delivered to the delivery service (FedEx, UPS) pick-up location.