Thrift Store Finds

I love, love thrift stores and wish I had more time to go more often. I love saving money, I love finding name brands for much less, and I love saving our world from the pollution of stuff. Here is a one of many great articles regarding how American is populating the world with clothing, this one is from NEWSWEEK. It’s a eye opener!

I do have to be honest here, my husband will not shop at a thrift store. He hates the fact I do. He states “we aren’t poor”! I am not shopping at a thrift store due to lack of money. I am shopping there because I can find some amazing stuff for dirt cheap and many times brand new! I do have a list of items I will not buy used: underclothing, swimming suits, worn shoes, socks, panty hose, and I am sure a may have left something out. But most anything regarding personal use.

Heading out on a small trip and wanted a couple of different clothing pieces. I head out to my local thrift store and for under $25, I found the following: American Eagle jeans $10, Old Navy blouse $3, Gap acid washed $2, Loft black pants $2 and brand new pair with tags Epic Step Shoes $6.

It’s a lucky day when I can find pants which fit my short stature and this day I found two!

Upfront honest, I am not a fashionista !!!!! I just like what I see and wear it!

My thrift store finds!

Sharing some super cute photo gifts at Photobarn:

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