Maintaining your weight is even harder!

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Back in 2009, I decided I needed to lose weight. Not 100% due to vanity but about 90% due to fear of dying and 10% vanity. Let’s face it anyone who says they aren’t doing it for vanity is probably not 100% be honest. I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease which I 100% believe it was due to our family history of obesity. I get there are family genetic but the other common connection was obesity. With my dad having his first heart attack in his very early 50’s and as I approached 48, I knew deep down I needed to get healthy. Moving forward into 2010, I would say I was at my prime, lost a significant amount of weight and in the best physical shape. But someone forgot to tell me how hard maintaining a healthy weight is so hard!!

I struggle daily to not revert back my previous weight on the right hand in the pictures below. Obesity is a chronic disease, WAIT!!! WHAT??!! There is a lot of controversy around if obesity should or shouldn’t be classified as a disease. I am not here to support either side or give you my personal view. I am here to tell you that it’s hard! Being obese is hard, weight loss hard and maintaining is even harder!

Mid 2017, suddenly everything I did to maintain my weight loss stopped working! How can I work out 4 to 5 times a week and gain weight? How can I train for two half marathons and gain weight? How can I only eat 1200 calories and gain weight? How can I only eat more calories as instructed and gain weight? What the heck is going on here! Before I knew it, I had packed on 20 pounds. I was in tears. I was devastated. I worked so hard to not head in this direction. I didn’t overeat, I worked out religiously, I did everything right!!!

I had to reflect on what was happening during this time – Sold our home, signed a contract on a new home build, lost my dad, moved in with family for 6 months and then moved into our new home. Managing keeping the kids in their current schools which meant, commuting them to their old schools for 2 additional months. Lets add your typical family stress of raising a family, having a career, being a wife and friend, and whatever life came my way. Oh and how can I forget, dealing with some hormonal issues and the treatment was additional hormones.

Although, I was doing everything right, everything was going to so wrong with my weight. I had to focus more on my diet and make adjustments accordingly. I had to figure out how to manage my stress. Even though I had everything together and managing my stressful life, my body and mind was paying the price.

As I practice in managing my stress level, focusing on whole foods and HITT training, yoga, and practicing mindfulness. I love practicing Nidra and restorative yoga. Due to the hustle and bustle of life, attending a formal class is difficult but I found some great resources online. Slowly I am adding mindfulness into my daily routine. Slowly, the weight is coming back off. And when I say slow, I mean SSSLLLLLOOOOWWW!!!! I guess as one approaches their late 40’s, hormones is another battle to the fight against obesity.

For me managing obesity is about how I manage stress, getting enough sleep, and of course continue with healthy eating and exercise.

I am not perfect, I have failed many times, but I have to continue to focus on the “WHY” and the “WHAT”.

  • Why am I doing this? – To reduce my chances of a heart attack or diabetes.
  • Why should I care? – Because it’s prevalent in my family history. I am out to change history
  • What do I get out of it? – I feel better. I can climb mountains and uphill with a 30 pound pack. I can snowshoe. I can run.
  • What must I do daily to maintain? – Reduce stress, practice mindfulness, eat healthy, drink water, exercise, and most importantly have people in your life who support you and lift you up, no matter your weight.

Please realize all this above is balanced with still enjoying good food, wine, and gourmet cheese but on occasion 🙂 Since I haven’t figured out how to drink more wine and lose weight.

Just remember, this is your journey and I can promise you will stumble but you must be ready with a plan on getting back up, reevaluate what is going on and make changes accordingly.

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