The things I have experienced while waiting in the emergency room department as a patient or visitor.

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Someone who works in healthcare, I find it very interesting to sit back and watch as a patient or visitor. I have gathered a few events as a patient or visitor during a few emergency room visits over the years

1. Walking into the waiting room to see a full waiting room. You know its going to be a long evening

2. Asking your daughter if she farted multiple times because you keep smelling poop .

Maybe I should have packed me something like the Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray, Fruity Booty

3. The care plan board has my daughter misidentified as her name isn’t Jerry.

Next time bring my own expo markers to change the board. But thank goodness no one is looking at the useless board on the wall anyways.

4.  Finding expired items in the room because you have spent way to much time in the room. Eek!!! And no I wasn’t in the drawers, these are items on the hanging on the wall.

Let me tell you staff aren’t very happy when you point it out but you are pointing it out to be kind and helpful.

5.  Hearing a kid or baby screaming or crying and making you want to cry

6. Having fun with the bed once the controller is discovered

7. Hear screaming and then hearing staff telling them to just relax. You wonder what is going on and your imagination gets carried away

8. Your friend running away or dancing in the hallway in their gown. Or better yet, having a friend on a hold and watching them run down the hallway in their gown while on guard watch. Uh, guard where is my friend?

9. Kids touching everything, crawling on the floor or licking objects. Every parents nightmare.

10. Someone upset that they are still waiting and at the triage desk asking for the 100th time when will they be next.

11. Discharged and ready to head home, I want food!!!