2020 Goal – Learning the Art of Not Giving a F#$k. List of books/audio books on my list

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Learning how to only focus on things I care about. Stop pleasing everyone else and rid myself of unwanted obligations. Learning to not feel ashamed or guilty when I say NO! And only give my f#$ks to the things I care about. And let’s face it, I need some brutal lessons on how to stop self-sabotage and screwing my future self.

1. Live freely by saying No!

2. Learn to not feel guilty when saying No!

3. Be more conservative of my F#$K Bucks.

4. Stop doing the things I don’t want to do and stop worrying

5. Getting my sh#$ together by being brutally honest with myself

The three book collection on my wish list

I will try to journal my journey but no promises

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