Can Coolers

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My husband was honored to be the best man for his brother’s upcoming wedding. We decided to host a co-ed party at our home to keep things low key and simple. I decided to make custom can coolers for the event. I felt the can coolers would be a great keepsake for our guests and the groom. Since hunting is a favorite past time for the men in our family, I decided to find camo can coolers and design something from the DS geared towards hunting. I found some great green and pink can coolers on Amazon. Using Siser Stretch HTV, I cut my design out and then proceeded to iron on the cuts on the koozies. Just a reminder, when cutting out iron-on with your Cricut, it’s always shiny side down and mirror image. This took me moment to understand as a new user. I absolutely loved how easy Sister Stretch HTV was to use.

A few things I would do differently and lessons learned from this project: go with a smaller image size. The green can coolers, I went too big. I figured this out after I ironed on 25. So I made the image smaller on pink ones. As you look at the picture below, you will see the difference. The larger image size you lose a bit of the lettering when you insert a can. Secondly, I should have gone with a different font. But overall, not horrible for my first project and everyone at the party loved the koozies. I realize I need to start providing step by step pictures of my projects which I believe will more helpful to Cricut newbies like myself. This whole blogging thing is new to me but please bear with me, I figure out the kinks.

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